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Hi All, just some Canon cameras and Lens’s for sale please get in touch if you are interested

Canon 5d mk iv – Excellent condition with a shutter count of 53,460 – comes with original box and contents – 2x original canon batteries and charger – strap – 2x Lexar pro 1066x cf 64gb cards –€2,000



Canon 70-200 f2.8 L is USM 11 – mint condition – no marks and glass totally clean – original box and case and lens hood, front and rear caps – €1,200


Canon 24-70 f2.8 L is USM 11 – mint condition- original box and case with lens hood and front and rear caps- €1,100


Canon 580 EX 11 speedlight – excellent condition with original box, case, and foot stand – €160


  1. 8-23-2018

    I see you use magmod!! If you were closer I would be interested in the speedlite! What are you changing to just out of interest as I have the canon 5dmk4 and the same lenses but recently went on a day with Olympus using a mirrorless and found it amazing!

  2. 9-5-2018

    Hi Tess, I have changed over to Sony and now shoot with 2 A9’s and to be honest they are light years ahead of Canon – I am just selling off the last of the Canon gear now and will get the sony a7iii as my backup camera- I shoot weddings and the eye auto focus is simply amazing- if you try it you would never go back to
    the focus and recompose and quick prayer it in focus method!!!

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