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Donegal Wedding Photography Best of Weddings 2012 Fergal Mc Grath Photography

Donegal Wedding Photography Best of Weddings 2012 Fergal Mc Grath Photography. Donegal Wedding Photography, Sligo Wedding Photography, Leitrim Wedding Photography, Fermanagh Wedding Photography, Longford Wedding Photography. With the close of 2012 I thought it would be good to look back at some of my favourite images from the weddings I shot throughout the year, it was a great year and I really enjoyed capturing some great images for my wonderful Brides and Grooms. This year has seen me shooting weddings in Donegal, Leitrim, Sligo, Fermanagh, Monaghan, Galway, Dublin, Longford and Co. Westmeath- phew it was tiring just typing that! I have had the privilege of seeing some of the best hotels in the country and really enjoyed working with the hotel staff and wedding co-ordinators. I have been exposed to some great wedding bands and some where so good i stayed on that bit extra to listen to them and photograph the guests rocking hard on the dance floor. Thank God the weather didn’t cause too much trouble and any day that it did rain we always managed to get a few shots outside in the rain with the umbrellas for shelter. Two weddings this year where shot in what i would call unnatural heat- my camera gear nearly melted!. One of these weddings was held in Kinlough so i was able to stop by my house on the way to the reception for a fresh shirt. My tie that day was used as a sweat band.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank my assistant and brother Eunan who accompanies me to the weddings. Eunan does the driving and bag carrying and lighting and he is very good at keeping me organised and makes sure i don’t forget my gear- I have a habit of leaving the camera bag down and walking off without it. Donegal Wedding Photography The best of weddings 2012 Fergal Mc Grath Photography was a great success and if you would like to feature in the best Donegal Wedding Photography 2013 or 2014 slide-show just give me a ring on 0877702386 or use the contact me section of this website and arrange a meeting…..




Donegal Wedding Photography Best of Weddings 2012 Fergal Mc Grath Photography. This photo below has many times been mistaken for having been photo-shopped with stars added to it. But in fact these are not stars but RAIN. It was a very wet day in Cromleach Lodge Hotel in Sligo and we didn’t get any photos outside so when it got dark i asked the couple to step outside to the front lawn and i had a flashgun set up behind them- a quick kiss under the umbrella and the flashgun fired lighting up the falling rain (you can see the streaks the rain made as it fell) and hey presto a magical photo in the rain. The weather should never get in the way of getting amazing wedding photos.

 Donegal Wedding Photography Best of Weddings 2012 Fergal Mc Grath Photography

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  1. 2-21-2013

    Beautiful photos Fergal, im sure you had lots of very happy brides and grooms in 2012

  2. 2-21-2013

    Great work really like your style

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