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 FAQ to ask your Irish Wedding Photographer. Choosing your Irish wedding photographer is one of the key elements on any couples wedding list of things to do. As a Donegal Wedding Photographer I know Your wedding photographs and album are one of the few tangible things that will remain long after your wedding day is over- the cake will be eaten the wine drank and the flowers wilted. It makes sense to choose a wedding photographer that will give you a beautiful representation of your big day and leave you thinking WOW every time you look at your wedding album. Here are some WEDDING FAQ that all Brides should ask their wedding photographer and my answers to them.

Q. Do I really need a Professional Irish Wedding Photographer- I have a friend with a really good camera?

A. Your Irish Wedding photographer should impress you. And by that I mean you should be genuinely in love with their work. It should excite you. It should connect with you. It should make you wish you were in the photograph. There are few occasions in life where you will look so good or so happy. With the right wedding photographer you will look unbelievable. And that is my goal. To have photographs taken like you’ve never had before. Pictures you want to show off to the world. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event- think about it for a second, never again at this moment, at this place in time, will these two people be standing in the same place, repeating the same words, with the same love and intensity as they do in that exact moment- that is a lot of pressure for your friend to deal with and maybe they wont be up to the challenge and what would be the point of spending huge amounts of money on a beautiful wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses and getting the wedding venue looking how you want it if you wont have amazing photographs to remember it all by? Here is a link to a wedding blog Rock N Roll Bride (link here) that might help you realise why you should hire a professional Irish Wedding Photographer.

Q. What is your style of Photography?

A. I shoot a mix of Photojournalism and contemporary fashion inspired images. What this means is I shoot what is going on during the wedding day without getting involved or in the way and mix this with some set up and posed shots that really bring a wow factor to the wedding photography. I have always loved the Irish landscape and have spent many years photographing it and I love to incorporate this into my wedding images, I love being a wedding photographer and that is very important to do the job well.

Q. Are you insured?

A.Yes. I am fully insured for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity and being a full time wedding photographer all my equipment is insured against loss or damage.

Q. Do you have backup equipment?

A. Yes.  As a professional Irish wedding photographer I have backup cameras and lenses and lighting equipment so in the event that anything would go wrong with any of my gear on your wedding day I have backup gear so you would not even notice there was any issue at all.

Q. What happens if it rains?

A. Unfortunately in Ireland rain is something that happens quite frequently (the joys of being an Irish wedding photographer) so I always plan for it and will discuss a “plan b” with you before the wedding day. As a professional Irish wedding photographer I also carry a lot of large umbrellas and my gear can withstand a lot of rain so at worst we might get a bit wet but basically it won’t stop us getting stunning wedding photos .

Q. What happens if you fall ill on the day?

A. I suck it up and put the manful on hold until I get home! On a more serious note I maintain reciprocal relationships with other local wedding photographers who offer each other standby support if ever such an event were to occur and I have access to the SWPP “SOS” system that will help out in a crisis.

Q. When will I see my pictures and when will I get my album?

A. My objective is to have your pictures ready for you to view within 3-4 weeks from your wedding date- so on return from your honeymoon. I design the albums myself  with images you choose from your wedding collection and send you on a draft- you then make as many or as little changes to the design until you are 100% happy with it- there are no charges for changes made (sometimes a wedding photographer will allow you 5 changes then charge per change after that) after I get the approval for the final design I send the design off to the album makers to work their magic and bring your photos to life in their luxury albums.

Q. Do you provide digital images?

A. Yes. I provide  every couple with a crystal USB of digital images presented in a designer box and carry bag , each couple also get an online gallery which is password and pin protected and can download their images from there and share images with families and friends. In this digital age it is important for couples to have access to their pictures for putting on computers, tablets and smart phones. I retain the copyright but I grant you a licence to use the images for personal use and printing.

Q. Can I see sample albums and photos from a wedding you shot from start to finish?

A. Of course you can, I really encourage this and think you cannot decide on a photographer without seeing what they can offer you as your final product. I have sample albums from the various options I offer and they are complete weddings that a couple would take home, it is important to see complete wedding days and not just albums which are composed of a collection of “best of images”.

Q. Are you comfortable with a shot list?

A. Yes of course. I will meet with every Bride and Groom the week before the wedding and go through the must have family and friend shots they require so on the day I can organise these and leave the couple to enjoy the day and not be stressing about lists of people they want photographed. I take as many or as little group shots as you require and help you plan the best times and places for these so the day will run as smoothly as possible and ensure you have the more time with each other and your guests.

Q. What is your pricing structure?

A. If you would like to receive my pricing brochure please use the contact me section of this website and I will email you on a pdf brochure with all my package options and the products that I offer, my pricing starts from €1,000.

Q. How do we book Fergal Mc Grath Photography?

A. The first thing to do is inquire if your chosen date is still available- popular dates tend to book up on to two years in advance- I do not provisionally hold wedding dates so a non refundable booking fee of €300.00 is required to secure your date and a signed contract. I encourage all brides and grooms to come and meet me and see the sample albums and chat about their wedding and what they are looking for from their wedding photographer and in their wedding photography- this is a no obligation meeting and is important as you need to know you will get on with your wedding photographer and be comfortable with them on your wedding day.

Q. Brilliant- how do we get in touch with Fergal Mc Grath Photography?

A. You can use the contact me section of this website or ring me on 0877702386 or you can email me on

If there are other questions that you would like to ask that are not covered here in this Questions to ask your wedding photographer please feel free to drop me a line and I will gladly answer any question you might have.

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