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Newborn baby photography. Nothing melts the heart of a parent more than the first time they gaze upon their newborn baby. These days should be captured and always remembered. Newborn baby photographs will help you in remembering their tiny features, fuzzy hair, and all that is new about them, they will bring back those amazing memories of when you first met. The best time to capture these memories is in Baby’s first two weeks of life- they are sleeping more and don’t mind the camera one bit, babies loose the newborn look very quickly and its wonderful to capture those all too fleeting moments. Its great to have a photographic record of your babies first year and Fergal will come to your home to keep baby in comfortable and familiar surroundings, so use the contact me page to arrange your Newborn baby photography or to find out more information. Visit and LIKE my Facebook page here to keep up with the latest Newborn baby photography.