Mermaids Cove Mullaghmore Co Sligo

Mermaids Cove Mullaghmore Co Sligo

Mermaids Cove Mullaghmore Co Sligo. Had a great day today down at Mermaids Cove Mullaghmore co Sligo. The sky was full of drama with dark clouds and the sea was just rough enough to put up some nice waves. I Really love these little secluded coves that are dotted all around Donegal Bay. It is a place that totally changes depending on where the tide is at in its cycle. If the tide is fully in there is just a rocky shoreline to enjoy, if the tide is half in or out then there are loads of rock pools and boulders with waves crashing on them. If the tide is fully out there is a lovely stretch of beach to enjoy. I always like to come down to this spot as it is usually empty and you can have it all to yourself- a real hidden gem. Donegal bay is a great spot for the landscape photographer as it has lots of coves and some great rivers that enter the sea in a series of waterfalls, it changes so much with the seasons too and the winter sees some huge winter storms roll in and a few days before the storms hit the land they push in massive waves ahead of them and these waves are amazing to photograph and a bit scary to witness too!!  On this particular trip to Mermaids cove I had Evie and Louise with me and Emma and the two boys- Darragh and Kyran,  they had a great time in the rock pools which were lovely and warm, great place to visit if you are in the area.

Had to fire the camera by remote control to get myself in the shot for the last one!
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Mermaids Cove Mullaghmore Co Sligo




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