Donegal and Leitrim Landscapes: June 26th 2012

Donegal and Leitrim Landscapes

Donegal and Leitrim Landscapes. On the evening of June 26th 2012 I was bored watching the T.V. and decided to pack the camera and tripod and hit the road and capture some Donegal and Leitrim Landscapes photos close to home. The first place i stopped off at was the river Drowes at the Four Masters Bridge on the Moy road that links Kinlough (where i now live) and Ballyshannon (where i was born and bred). The evening was warm and the wind was non existent which meant the midges where out in full force- a quick check of my camera bag revealed that i had left my bug spray at home so in all i took about fifteen minutes of photos before the attack got too much and i had to pack up and run for the car- the fishermen on the river banks obviously had plenty of bug repellent on as they didn’t flinch at the swarms around their head’s. I headed the three mile down the road to Bundoran and parked the car on the pier, and walked up the shore to the west end bathing pool. This pool is tidal and it gets a fresh fill of sea water with each high tide, the gentle sea breeze meant no midges so i was back in business. I spent  a good two hours taking photos and in general just enjoying the peace of the sunset on a lovely stretch of coast with only one swimmer for company, here are a few of the photos from the evening out with the camera….. enjoy…… If you enjoy this post on Donegal and Leitrim Landscapes please leave a comment below and also visit and like my facebook page here.

Donegal and Leitrim LandscapesThis next one is a more panoramic view of the falls and the fishermen’s walkway along the banks of the Drowes River

panoramic view of the drowes river at the four masters bridge on the moy road between kinlough and ballyshannonThe next few photos where all taken on the coastline at the westend of Bundoran Co. Donegal

Donegal and Leitrim Landscapes

Landscape photograph of Bundoran pier, Bundoran Co. Donegal

The tidal bathing pool at the westend of Bundoran Co. Donegal at sunset with a lone swimmer about to take a dip in Donegal Bay

The tidal bathing pool at the westend of Bundoran Co. Donegal at sunset


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