Longford Wedding Photography. Carina And James Wedding 28th July 2012: St Patrick’s Church Ballinamuck Co. Longford and Cromleach Lodge Co. Sligo: A Sneak Peek.

Longford Wedding Photography

Longford Wedding Photography. Congratulations to Carina and James who where married in the lovely St Patrick’s church Ballinamuck Co. Longford on Saturday 28th July 2012. The day was hit and miss with the weather but thankfully we missed the worst of the showers and the moody skies actually made the pics more dramatic which is always good. The reception for family and friends was held in the lovely Cromleach lodge hotel in Co. Sligo. I started the day by driving from home to Ballinamuck which took nearly two hours and it really didn’t stop raining the whole way so i had a feeling there might not be much opportunity for outdoor photos at all. When I arrived at Carinas home the mood was relaxed and everyone was in high spirits getting ready for the big occasion. This was actually my second wedding in Ballinamuck as i had shot one there in 2010. After we got the few photos done of the girls getting ready it was a quick drive to the church to meet up with James and the boys. James was very calm and collected and from the first time i met him i knew he would take everything in his stride. After the ceremony the weather cleared enough for us to take the family photos outside the church and then we all headed back to Carina’s home house for a cup of tea- very relaxed. The rain started up again so we made the hour journey to the lovely Cromleach Lodge Hotel just outside Castlebaldwin in Co. Sligo. Longford Wedding Photography is great as there was so many great locations around the hotel that in between the showers we could get some lovely photos taken by just stepping out the door! The party was in full swing when i left for home just after the first dance and I’m sure a great night was had by all, here are some photos from the day…enjoy….Longford Wedding PhotographyIf you would like to book your Longford wedding photography with Fergal Mc Grath Photography please use the contact me section of this website or ring 0877702386.



  1. Carina & James

    Just in after our second night,the barbeque was very tasty and the tunes were hopping!!
    A quick note to say thank you again and that our sneak peak looks amazing. We are so glad we found your website, your use of the landscape and the vibrant colours is just beautiful.
    Really looking forward to seeing them all.
    Chat soon.

    Carina and James

    • Fergal

      Hi Carina and James, glad to hear the party is still going and that ye are really enjoying it all, thank you for the kind comments and there are many more great photos to follow, chat ye soon, Fergal.


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