Sligo Wedding Photography Cherish The Dress- Carina and James visit Benbulben and Bundoran

Sligo Wedding Photography Cherish The Dress

Sligo Wedding Photography Cherish The Dress. When Carina and James got married on 28th July the weather was typical of Sligo Wedding Photography in an Irish Summer and we spent the day dodging the showers, although we got all the shots we wanted I mentioned to Carina that I would love to get a couple to do a Cherish or Thrash The Dress session- these are big news in the United States and they are really taking off in the U.K. now too but they are not that big on these shores -YET-! Although Carina was not keen on the Thrash the dress idea (which on the extreme end of the scale can involve fire and on the tame end usually involves getting the dress wet by going in the sea or a lake) she was very interested in the Cherish the dress idea where we go to a few places that would be very difficult to get to on a normal Sligo Wedding Photography day and at times (usually sunset) that are not practical on a Sligo wedding photography day. So with all the plans ready to go we waited for the perfect evening which presented itself on Thursday 2nd August, it was raining most of the day but the evening cleared nicely and we decided to go for it, we started the session in Grange Co. Sligo and went to the foot of Mighty Benbulben Mountain and then we headed to Lovely Bundoran for the Sunset. I had got a few helium balloons off Mary Mc Guiness in A Novel Idea in Ballyshannon for a shot I’ve had in mind for ages and thankfully Carina and James where up for anything and the shot looks great below. If you enjoy this Sligo Wedding Photography Cherish The Dress photo-shoot why not get in touch to arrange you own Sligo Wedding Photography day out again….

cherish the dress photos irelandcherish the dress photos ireland, sligo, donegal in front of benbulben mountainSligo Wedding Photography cherish the dress thrash the dress wedding photos sligo donegal bundorancherish the dress thrash the dress wedding photos sligo bundoran sunset photos

If you enjoyed this post on Sligo Wedding Photography and would like to book or arrange your own Sligo Wedding Photography Cherish or Thrash the dress photo-shoot then why not take it out of the box on top of the wardrobe and dust it off and give me a call on 0877702386 or email me using the contact me section of this website.


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