Farrah Bogle Irish Country Singer


Farrah Bogle Irish Country Singer

Farrah Bogle Irish Country Singer. Yesterday I met up with Farrah Bogle in The Great Northern Hotel in Bundoran to do a few photos for posters to promote Farrah’s upcoming 1st album release due out in August this year. It was a typical Irish May day in that the rain and cold where the dominant forces! We started off with a few shots inside the hotel and then as the sun got lower in the sky we ventured out to the beach and along the rocks beside the diving boards. Sinead my sister and lighting assistant had the hardest job holding on to the gear and watching for waves that might give us all a soaking! Farrah is one of the young rising stars of the Irish country music scene and has an exceptional voice and is a very talented musician, Farrah also sings at weddings doing both the church music and singing and the reception- I’ve worked a few weddings where Farrah provided the entertainment and can vouch first hand for her amazing talent. If you have never heard Farrah sing here are a few youtube links to Farrah and her songs – first up is “Handle with Care” (link) and here is a link to “Stuck Like Glue”  (link). Here are three photos we took down on the seashore in Bundoran and you can tell the sea in Donegal Bay was angry with huge waves rolling in non stop and man was it ccccooold as the sun dipped below the horizon- my ears are only defrosting now! Thanks to Farrah for braving the conditions and keep an eye and ear out for her new album later this summer and if you would like to contact Farrah Bogle Irish Country Singer for bookings for weddings or events here is a link to her Facebook page where you can get her contact details…..enjoy

Farrah Bogle Irish Country Singer

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