Donegal Wedding Photography Cherish The Dress Andrea And Jonny

Donegal Wedding Photography Cherish The Dress Andrea And Jonny

On the 13th September I had the pleasure of the company of Andrea and Jonny for a Cherish the dress photo-shoot. The idea behind the Cherish the dress shoot is a bride will put her wedding dress back on after the actual wedding and go out and get some stunning photos in some spectacular locations. Andrea and Jonny where married last Christmas in the beautiful Co. Wicklow where they live, Andrea is from Ballyshannon in Co. Donegal so when the chance arose to get some wedding photos in her home patch she jumped at it. I met Andrea and Jonny first at the lovely Danby house for some photos and then we headed down to Rossnowlagh beach just as the sun was starting to dip. That is the beauty of the Cherish the Dress idea- you can go out to get the photos at a time that provides the best light for photography- around sunset- during the actual wedding day the bride and groom and guests are usually in the middle of their meal at this time and so it is usually not possible to take the photos. After some fun around the beach and the life guard tower we got some photos at the top of the dunes and then we got in the cars and drove the short distance to Creevy Pier. The cliff tops at Creevy pier at sunset are truly spectacular and we made the most of the beautiful orange and red colours in the sky. Andrea and Jonny where not a bit afraid to get to the edge of the cliff tops to make sure we got the most stunning photos possible. After the sun had dipped below the horizon we went over to the Creevy pier hotel  and did some photos with burning wire wool just to finish the shoot off in the best possible way. I would like to thank Andrea and Jonny for being such a great couple to photograph and wish them the very best for their future together.

If you would like to book your own Donegal Wedding Photography Cherish The Dress shoot (and the location can be anywhere) please use the contact me section of this website. Enjoy…..


donegal wedding photography andrea and Jonnydonegal wedding photography cherish the dressDonegal Wedding Photography Cherish The Dress Andrea And Jonny


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