As a Donegal and Sligo Newborn Photographer I know that nothing melts the heart of a parent more than the first time they gaze upon their newborn baby. These days should be captured and always remembered. Newborn baby photographs will help you to remember their tiny features, fuzzy hair and all that is new about them. They will bring back those amazing memories of when you first met. The best time to capture these moments is when the baby is between 7 and 14 days old. The earlier we can do the newborn session the better, when they are still curly and sleepy. Newborn’s under two weeks tend to be very sleepy and easy going and they don’t mind the camera at all. Babies lose the newborn look very quickly and it’s wonderful to capture those all too fleeting moments. I hope you enjoy browsing through my newborn photography gallery and if you would like to arrange to have you own newborn photography session please use the contact me page of this website to get in touch.



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